Personal Training

Do you like personal training? At an hour that suits you? In your own home, at your office, outside, in a swimming pool or in your hotel? Focused on your special wishes and needs?

For example you can focus on:

Feeling your body better & feeling better in your body...
Looking better by toning your belly, buttocks & breasts...
Developing a better posture...
Feeling more grounded, centered, balanced & compact...
Becoming more flexible and mobile...
Preventing breast or pelvic problems...
Developing your overall physical condition...
Having warmer hands & feet (better circulation)...
Getting stronger legs... Etc.

Sylvie uses these tools:

Gentle fitness, Strengthening, Muscle Toning (without machines & weights, just using your body, the floor, gravity).
Yoga postures and movements
Aqua fitness

Robberto uses these tools:

Qigong or Chi Kung movements and Zhan Zhuang postures: for grounding, centering, energy cultivation
Ba Duan Jin stretching
Dao Yin self massage
Body Awareness
Standing & sitting meditation
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Your investment:
Per hour:
60 euro - for 1 person
70 euro - for 2 persons
75 euro - for 3 persons
80 euro - for 4 persons

These are the prices (including travel costs/time) for training in Amsterdam.

If you like,
make an appointment now.