SylBos Personal Training

(Deze pagina verschijnt eind december 2009 in het Nederlands)

Do you like personal training? At an hour that suits you? In your own home, at your office, outside, in a swimming pool or in your hotel? Focused on your special wishes and needs?

For example you can focus on:

Feeling your body better & feeling better in your body...
Looking better by toning your belly, buttocks & breasts...
Developing a better posture...
Feeling more grounded, centered, balanced & compact...
Becoming more flexible and mobile...
Preventing breast or pelvic problems...
Developing your overall physical condition...
Having warmer hands & feet (better circulation)...
Getting stronger legs... Etc.

Sylvie uses these tools:

Gentle fitness, Strengthening, Muscle Toning (without machines & weights, just using your body, the floor, gravity).
Yoga postures and movements
Aqua fitness

Robberto uses these tools:

Qigong or Chi Kung movements and Zhan Zhuang postures: for grounding, centering, energy cultivation
Ba Duan Jin stretching
Dao Yin self massage
Body Awareness
Standing & sitting meditation
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Your investment:
Per hour:
60 euro - for 1 person
70 euro - for 2 persons
75 euro - for 3 persons
80 euro - for 4 persons

These are the prices (including travel costs/time) for training in Amsterdam.

If you like,
make an appointment now.