About Robberto Bos:


Teaches Chi Kung (Qigong) - a special kind of energy training, based on age old techniques and modern methodes.

Infopreneur: creates publications & websites about health & healing.

Languages: Dutch, English, German, body language.

Interests: "internal" movement arts & bodywork (qigong/chi kung, Feldenkrais, etc.), meditation, theater improvisation, photography, making fresh fruit & vegetable juices, walking, islands, nature, silence...

Life-partner of Sylvie.

Robberto's education/training:

Intensive Chi Kung studies with Instituut Neiguan, master Lam Kam Chuen, and others.

Improvisation (theater improv, theater sports, comedy improv), CliniClowns training.

Meditation teacher training.

NLP-practitioner training.

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About Sylvie Boireau:


Teaches SylFit Gym: a pleasant & effective movement training especially for French speaking people in Amsterdam.

Writes a book for children, short stories, a blog, and makes doll houses (poppenhuizen).

Languages: Dutch, French, English, body language.

Interests: movement arts (yoga, stretching, gentle fitness, dance improvisation, etc.), meditation, painting, sewing clothes, healthy vegetarian cooking, plants, cats, walking, islands, nature, silence...

Life-partner of Robberto.

Sylvie's background:

Certified fitness instructor: Brevet d'Etat Expression Gymnique et Disciplines Associées (Bordeaux-CREPS)

Diplôme Universitaire Activités Physiques et Musique (Bordeaux-CREPS).

Baccaleaureat in classical literature

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  • The official name of our business is: SylBos Creations, v.o.f. (vennootschap onder firma)
  • Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, KvK number: 34254150.
  • BTW number: 816193083B01.
  • Bank: ING 4044777 t.n.v. R. Bos, Amsterdam